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Welcome to Cycling Challenges


My Name is Robert Warren Hess…

…and I love cycling.  My younger sister, Jody, got me into cycling in the Shenandoah valley back in the 1980’s when I returned to the US after a number of overseas assignments during my career in the US Army.  Once she got me going I was pretty much hooked and I’ve been riding ever since.

My goal with this website is to create a central hub for information about great cycling challenges around the world. There are lots of different levels of riders and cycling challenges are different at various skill and experience levels. We’re going to be developing challenges for all skill levels. Are you just beginning your cycling journey? Do you like to ride with your family? We’re going to have rides and challenges for everyone.

Send Us Your Favorite Challenge Ride

I have a very small team researching these events (me!) so I would very much love to hear from each of you about your favorite rides and an adventure that is on your list. Just send me an email with a link and the details and we’ll get it posted for others to enjoy.

Charity Cycling Events

The cycling community is wonderful in creating and attending charity events that provide critical funding for a wide range of non-profit organizations and programs. Send me your favorite event and I’ll get that posted as well.

We Want to Hear Your Stories

Cycling has a different meaning to everyone. I began riding and competing seriously in 1988, but cycling took on a new meaning after my prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2003. Since then, cycling has been an integral part of my cancer survival plan. I’ve ridden more than 27,000 miles and I created the Around the World Cycling Challenge with a special jersey for those who ride the distance around the world at the equator.

I’m going to chronicle my cycling adventures here and I would like to hear about your’s, why you ride, and how you benefit.

So, welcome to Cycling Challenges. Allez!