Ketogenics and Cycling – Post #1

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Ketogenics and Cycling – Post #1

How (I hope) the Ketogenic Diet will Help Me at the 2018 Masters World Track Cycling Championships

Have you been trying to drop a few pounds to climb those hills a better? Or be able to accelerate faster? Well, I have and nothing I’ve tried over the past two years has seemed to work.
I’ve been trying to shed the 10 pounds I gained during my 2012 vacation to Great Britain – that pesky “full English breakfast!” It’s amazing, but my wife and I walked and hiked 140 miles during that vacation and I still managed to gain almost a half a pound every day.  I’ve tried everything to dump that weight with no success. Now, I’m going to see what a ketogenic eating program can do for me.  
In short, a ketogenic eating program involves severely restricting carbohydrates and replacing them with fat. The science is that the body adapts over time and burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. The vision of my body devouring my love handles and belly fat while I ride along enjoying my cycling trips is simply too appealing to not give it a try! If it works, I might even have a waist again. Woo hoo!
I’m going to be posting my results weekly on my blog here at cycling I hope my experience will provide some useful insights to anyone considering “going keto” and help me keep on the straight and narrow at the same time.
For us cyclists, here’s was Carmichael Training Systems says about the ketogenic eating program and cycling performance: 

April 1, 2018 Body Statistics – the Journey Begins

  • Male
  • 5′ 9″ tall
  • 156.6 pounds
  • BMI 22.2 – according to my Nokia Withings activity tracker
  • Fat mass – 9.6% according to Withings. Actually, I think this is far too low. The device I use in my gym puts me at 23% body fat and 23.2% fat mass
At right is my Sunday ride over Palos Verdes Peninsula here in the South Bay of Los Angeles.
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