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Welcome to Vets Riding for Vets (VRfV)

Vets riding for Vets™ is a global, non-political community of military veteran cyclists. Members live by the same code of ethics they followed when they were on active duty. The VRfV code is simple: Do Good. Inspire others. No one left behind. Never Give Up!

Our members are passionate about fitness, raising awareness for veteran causes, and helping prevent veteran suicide. The Vets Riding for Vets community gives veterans the opportunity to support their fellow veterans dealing with service-related conditions.

We encourage our members to connect with other veterans through organizations such as Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, and disabled veterans of America to create local cycling groups. We welcome links and members from all NATO member veteran organizations.

Our Mission

We have a twofold mission:

  1. To support disabled veterans throughout the NATO military community by raising awareness of the need for continued support to our disabled veterans, especially veterans dealing with PTSD, and
  2. To create a community of military veteran cyclists that promotes a healthy lifestyle and creates cycling adventures.

Why Our Mission Matters

U.S. Military veterans experience twice the annual suicide rate of the civilian population and the same is true for most of the European NATO member nations. Exercise has been shown to be effective in reducing the post-traumatic and depression symptoms that underlie suicide decisions and, as we cyclists know, cycling is both great exercise and a terrific mood lifter.

How You Can Help Support Veteran Community

  • Grab a Vets Riding for Vets jersey from our store
  • Ride as you normally do and just chat with your riding mates about your military experience and mention the importance of support disabled veterans
  • Participate (or organize) a Memorial Day ride to a national cemetery
  • Partner with a struggling “battle buddy” and get them involved with the sport of cycling
  • Send us a picture for publishing on our social media channels

We are in the process of building an online community forum. Fill out the contact form below and we will notify you when the forum is up and running.

Remember: Do Good. Inspire others. Never Give Up!

I look forward to seeing you in our future forum and perhaps connecting with you on the road (or in the velodrome!) Allez-y!

Robert Hess
US Army (R)

Vets Riding For Vets Cycling Jersey Design

Below is the final draft version of our new cycling jersey.  Have a comment or a suggestion? Send a note through the contact form below the image. Allez!