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My Cycling Fitness Benchmark

I love just about every aspect of cycling. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from reaching the summit of a climb like Reddish Knob in Virginia or the final half mile up to Mt. Baldy.

I only compete in time trial events these days; on the road and in the velodrome. [I am super lucky to live just 30 minutes from the indoor velodrome at StubHub Center in Carson, California – Velosportscenter.]

I use a 500-meter time trial as my personal fitness metric. My best 500-meter time in the velodrome is 41 seconds from a standing start. My best ever flying 500 meters along Ballona Creek was 31 seconds, but that must have been with a hurricane force tailwind. My best time since that day has been 36 seconds in 2016.

My 500-meter times are pretty good at predicting my overall fitness and climbing ability.

What’s your cycling fitness metric? Do you have a particular¬†segment you use?

Post and let me know.