Sunday Time Trial Run Along Ballona Creek

//Sunday Time Trial Run Along Ballona Creek

Sunday Time Trial Run Along Ballona Creek

Integrating My Cycling Data: Garmin; Training Peaks; Strava, and Relive

I’m not training for a specific event right now but I really enjoy tracking my current and past performance over segments.

I track all of my ride data on and Garmin Connect. I recently added Training Peaks to follow my training stress score – TSS.

These tools give me the quantitative statistics but I wanted to have a visual map of where the ride took place. I love the route mapping tool NBC Sports uses to highlight the daily route of the Tour de France., built by a very cool team in the Netherlands, has created a tool that does just what I wanted. The have a new interactive mode that overlays heart rate, speed, and percent grade. It’s very cool.

So, short of buying a powermeter – I have too many bikes – I’m think I’m good to do.

I’d love to hear about the tools you’re using in your training program. Leave a note below.

Allez! Interactive Mode

I’m using to track my rides. If you like data, be sure and check out the “interactive mode” on this video.

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